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Juan Vicente Torrealba

Juan Vicente Torrealba
Juan Vincente Torrealba is known as a Venezuelan harpist and composer. He was born to his parents Santana Torres Silva and Maria Esperanza Perez in Caracas on December 20, 1917. He spent his childhood in the town of Camaguan, where he learned how to tame horses, haul cattle and swim across the channels. He learned how to play the guitar at age 18, and then experimented with the harp in1947.
That year he formed his own musical group called the Torrealberos, which included himself, his brother Arturo, his nephew Santana Torrealba Leon and vocalist Angel Custodio Loyola. They played at various social functions. The following year, Juan began writing his own music. His first composition was called Las Caricias de Cristina. The Torrealberos started recording their own music with the help of pianist Maria Luisa Escobar. By the 1960s, the band was touring in Europe, the U.S. and all throughout Latin America.
His album Rapsodia Llanera came out in 1971, where he collaborated with a full orchestra. In 1978 he disbanded the Torrealberos to form Juan Vincente Torrealba and his Super Beat 80, a dance orchestra. They had only released one album, and eventually he bgan playing alongside symphony orchestras. He finally retired in 1986.
19--                La Música Más Pura y Bella de Vzla
19--                La Música Más Pura y Bella de Vzla
19--                Sinfonía Del Palmar
19--                Motivos Llaneros
19--                Concierto En La Llanura Vol.1
19--                Serenata Llanera
19--                Campesina
19--                Concierto En La Llanura Vol.2
19--                Concierto En La Llanura Vol.3
19--                Concierto En La Llanura Vol.4
19--                Epoca De Oro de Los Torrealberos
19--                Solos De Arpa
19--                Alma Llanera
19--                Concierto En La Llanura Vol.5
19--                Concierto En La Llanura Vol.6
19--                Quisiera
19--                Sueños Del Llano
19--                Verano Llanero
19--                María Teresa
19--                Al Son De Juan Vicente
19--                Conticinio
19--                Estampida Electronica Vol. 2
19--                Méjico
19--                Aragua y Llano
19--                Pasajes Inmortales
19--                Colombia
19--                Clásicos Torrealberos
19--                Música Caribeña
19--                Llanero Soy
19--                Alma Llanera
19--                Famosas Torrealberas
19--                Valses Venezolanos Vol. 1
19--                Valses Venezolanos Vol. 2
1975               Al Son De Juan Vicente (Vol. 3)
1977               Italia In Ritmo Tropicale
1997              Al Son De J.V.T. Vol. 1 (CD Reissue)
1997              Colombia (CD Reissue)
1997              México (CD Reissue)
1999              Llanero Soy Vol.1 (CD Reissue)
1999              Conticinio (CD Reissue)
2001              Aragua y Llano (CD Reissue)
2001             Música Caribeña (CD Reissue)
2001             Valses Venezolanos (CD Reissue)


1996             18 Grandes Exitos
2001             40 Años 40 Exitos


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